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Your safety has never before been this valuable to you and to your family. 

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While you can’t prevent every accident or threat, you can rest a little easier knowing that, as a member of EVAC24 Active, help is available to you when you need it most. In the event of an injury or accident, we have over 2000 active responders available across all national service providers to get to you in the shortest possible time. Learn more about how this works click here 

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Features Summary

For a membership subscription from R129.00 per month here is what you get

Smart Phone App

Emergency Cover

Personal Tracker

For added security and peace of mind we have an optional extra Personal Tracker available for you at the incredible price of only R699 was R999


Works separately but in conjunction with the Smart Phone App. 

Two-Way Communication

  • If the wearer has an emergency, by pressing the SOS button it generates a text message to the EVAC24 call centre as well as your Emergency Contact person (ICE) with your direct GPS location at the time.
  • EVAC24 call centre will receive your SOS and call you back. Once answered it will enable speakerphone mode to allow a direct conversation to be held.
  • The EVAC24 call centre will already have your GPS location and will then respond accordingly to your emergency situation with either sending out the nearest security responder or appropriate emergency evacuation.
  • Your Emergency Contact person can also call the device at any given time.

Extra features

  • GPS Tracking (Within 10m accuracy)
  • Battery Life of approximately 4-5 days (on slow update)

Dustproof and Waterproof
This product provides dust proofing and waterproofing to IP67. This extra durability is ideal for use with kids or elderly people helping you to improve the longevity of your tracker.

Units dimensions (cm): 5 x 3 x 1.5
Boxed (Shipping) Dimensions (cm): 13 x 8.2 x 3

With Evac24 Active, you’ll never be left alone if injured and/or stranded.

How it all works

Panic Activated  >>


Call Centre Contact  >>


Responders Activated


With us, you’ll never be left alone if injured and/or stranded.

What is 

EVAC24 Active?

Be safe in the knowledge that if the worst happens – a fall or an accident –  you’ll never be left alone if injured and/or stranded. That’s where Evac24 Active can help. Evac24 Active is a product created for every person in South Africa, whether it’s being active outdoors or just wanting peace of mind. An affordable membership subscription, a state of the art Personal Tracker and a cutting edge Smart Phone App gives you cover and access to unprecedented quick response to threats to your personal safety and to any medical emergency you may experience.


For a once off fee of R699 was R999.00 we provide you with a personal tracker that you can use at any time to alert our call centre of an accidental medical emergency or when you feel that your personal security is at risk. Features include:

Ready to use out of the box

Your Personal tracking unit will arrive with sim card pre-installed and ready to work. This includes the set-up of your emergency contact number.

Smart Phone


Your membership subscription to EVAC24 Active allows you access to our Smart Phone App proudly powered by CASI – LIMITLESS VIRTUAL SECURITY (PTY) LTD. Here are your download links:





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